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The Acts Foundation is an international prayer and service ministry comprised of partners around the world who come together to pray and fast for those in need. Ralph and Susan McIntosh pray for people, help those in need, and teach the Word of God in their travels throughout the U. S. and England. Jewel Van Valin, Susan's cousin and co-founder of the ministry, ministers on the West Coast of the U. S.

With hearts for lost souls and nations, Ralph, Susan and Jewel always prayed for lost souls. In 1989 they were led of the Lord to found the Acts Foundation, a ministry based in service to others, prayer and fasting, and teaching. Susan is the author of a weekly teaching newsletter that is in circulation to more than 1,000 believers via the Internet and snail mail.

Partners in the ministry “persevere in prayer until the prayer is answered”, and fast on Wednesdays. Thus the name of the teaching newsletter, Wednesday Women Warriors and Mighty Meditating Men [WWW & MMM]. The name grew out of a deep desire to gather prayer warriors around the world to pray in agreement against the rulers and principalities of this world so that the power of Jesus Christ will be displayed in the earth.

Ralph and Susan will minister in your home, on a street corner, in combination with another ministry outreach, or at your Church with pure hearts that worship God. They go where God tells them to go.

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